Daniella, 22 – Accountant assistant of an Accounting & Taxation Services Company in Sydney  

“Thanks to Tee Solutions for assisting me in getting a job with Accounting & Taxation Services in  Sydney. Since I graduated with Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting in 2014, I had been looking for a  job in an accounting firm in Sydney more than 4 months, but I could not find a pathway to get into  there. By seeing an advertisement in the Newspaper, I went to Tee Solutions for seeking a job, their  manager Harry suggested me to have on-the-job training first in one of their cooperated accounting  company first, after 3 months training, the manager Iven of the accounting company is very happy to  hire me as a full-time assistant accountant. In addition, Tee Solutions still keep in touch and they  supported me as I settled into my new work environment.”

Kevin, 23 – Marketing Coordinator of a Homeware Import & Export Company in Banks Town
“I have dreamed of becoming a successful marketer in a global company, but the reality is often  brutal, it’s extremely difficult to enter into a large company while you graduated from a University. I  am an overseas student and graduated with Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management, at  the beginning I was very confident to look for a job because I had a high GPA (GPA 3.8), however, I  was so depressed and lost my confidence after several phone or face-to-face interviews. One of my  friends recommended Tee Solutions to me, they had helped me believe in myself, helped me with  my resume and interview, and put me in contact with employer where I have been working for the  last 2 months. I really enjoy to work there although I am trainee recently. ”

Jack, 28 – Assistant Chef of a well-known restaurant in CBD of Sydney
“I had been unemployed for about 5 months. Tee Solutions helped me research for jobs that  interested me and also pointed out my weakness which I lacked practical work experiences and skills  since I achieved my qualification. They helped me get my new job at a well-known restaurant in city.  I love it, thanks to Tee Solutions.”