Job seekers

We are committed to supporting job seekers though every step in finding a suitable career. To  ensure you get and succeed in your future career, we will keep provide specified our accredited  training, placement services, skills development and ongoing support.

We also take time to find out what you are good at and what kind of job you would like to do. To  help you find a job in mainstream employment or gain the skills, we will provide the following  services:
 Review your needs, ability and any challenges you may face in finding a job
 Assist you with your resume and interview techniques
 Give you tips on phone manner, presentation and practice interviews
 Promote you to the employer and work out a plan that will help you get the right job.
 Help developing work skills and access to work experience
 Provide appropriate ongoing post placement service support

EM-jOur employment partners are varied and they represent a wide range of industries, including retail,  trade, manufacturing, hospitality, office administration, manufacturing and professional services.

Contact our friendly team today on 1800 701 048 find out how our service can find the right job for  you.