Aged care & Community Services

With an ageing population in Australia and a nationally recognised skill shortage of Aged Care and  Community Care Workers, job prospects in the health care and community services industry are very  positive. By 2050 it is estimated people over the age of 65 will represent a quarter of Australia’s  population. The government has recognised that the demand for qualified Community Service  Workers in Australia is growing and will continue to grow.

Career Paths

Certificate III in Aged care

After gaining Certificated III in Aged Care, you are eligible to be an assistant in Nursing, Personal Care,  Assistant, Carer, Support worker and Acute Aged Care Assistance Nurse.

Certificate IV in Age Care

To further develop you responsibilities and expertise after completing the Certificate III in Aged care,  you are able to be a team leader and Co-ordinator.

Diploma of Community Services Work

E-2aIf you are currently working in a Care Service role or you have completed IV in Aged care, and you  are ready for the next career step and want to upgrade your qualification, diploma of Community  Services Work is an ideal pathway to learn advanced skills and you are also responsible for the  supervision of other staff and volunteers. You are eligible to be a community worker/coordinator,  coordinator of Family Support Services, Social Welfare Worker, etc.